Dedicated to Zero Injuries

Mission Statement

To achieve safety excellence by utilizing our continued investment in people and resources, while encouraging employees to be proactive in finding safe work solutions, and increasing awareness of our Zero Injury philosophy.

Zero Injury Philosophy

AZCO INC. believes its most important asset is its employees and their safety is our #1 concern. Our valued employees are expected to perform the necessary work and to return home, injury free, at the end of each day. We achieve “Zero Injury” through our employee and company commitment. AZCO INC. is committed to the belief that all injuries are preventable, and we will not compromise safety over schedule, cost, or production.

Pre-project / Pre-task Planning / Safety Meetings

Using a daily checklist identifying hazards and issues, and communicating to the crew before the workday starts. Safety meetings with the employees recognizing project specific safety concerns.

Management Commitment

Commitment starts at the top with direct involvement and participation in the Safety Committee, project visits, accident investigation and monthly safety presentations and training.

Site Safety Audits

Our safety representatives conduct jobsite safety audits on a weekly basis. The information is then conveyed directly to the jobsite superintendent and management for immediate approval or abatement.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program

AZCO INC. believes all our sites, shops, and office employees should be drug free. We test all office employees at the time of hire and conduct random screenings throughout the year.

Accident / Incident Investigations

The Safety Department reviews all incidents within 24 hours of the occurrence. Our accident investigation team consists of upper management, project management, safety and field supervision.

AZCO Rules to Live By:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Always use proper PPE
  • Always use the right tool for the job
  • Keep a clean work area, free of safety hazards
  • Report all unsafe acts or unsafe conditions


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