Dedicated to Zero Injuries

Mission Statement

To achieve safety excellence by utilizing our continued investment in people and resources, while encouraging employees to be proactive in finding safe work solutions, and increasing awareness of our Zero Injury philosophy.

Zero Injury Philosophy

AZCO INC. believes its most important asset is its employees and their safety is our #1 concern. Our valued employees are expected to perform the necessary work and to return home, injury free, at the end of each day. We achieve “Zero Injury” through our employee and company commitment. AZCO INC. is committed to the belief that all injuries are preventable, and we will not compromise safety over schedule, cost, or production.

Our Zero-Injury concept is a corporate-wide focus of everyone, from upper management to the apprentices in the field. We have established this concept as a core value of “Safety First” all the time.

  • Program implementations that have a proven track record for minimizing / eliminating hazards and injuries
  • Training for all AZCO Management on the program implemented
  • Programs / Policy Improvements
Care-On-Site Service Safety Glasses Fit Testing
Job Safety Observations (JSOs) AZCO Safety Academy
New Hire Hard Hat Policy Incident Review
Weekly Job Progress Reports Dropped Object Prevention
Safety Slogan Recognition Program Safe Operations Manual
Cut Resistant Gloves Policy Grinder Training

Pre-project / Pre-task Planning / Safety Meetings

Our Safety Department, along with the project team, reviews all projects prior to commencement and identifies the potential for hazardous conditions and / or situations. Any special training or supplies are identified and addressed

Management Commitment

Senior management’s commitment starts at the top with direct involvement in Dedicated To ZERO Injury through participation in the Corporate Safety Committee, project visits, accident investigation and monthly safety presentations and training.

AZCO Safety Academy

An intense, three-day course required by all AZCO Management to attend. The class focuses on not only Safety Policies and Procedures, it also takes a thorough look into the management details of safety on a project site. Attendees review the mission of safety overall, the “why” of AZCO’s Safety Mission statement specifically, and learn how to best develop the AZCO Safety culture at each site. Led by AZCO Senior Management, the course teaches and prepares our managers and superintendents to recognize and correct jobsite hazards, how best ot lead by example, and Lead the Safety Culture.

Safety Orientation Training

All AZCO INC. employees go through extensive safety orientation upon hire. During this orientation they are presented and instructed on our safety program, requirements, and our “Zero Injury” philosophy. Training is conducted either by a coordinator of the safety department or a properly trained company supervisor.

Weekly Job Progress Reports

A safety representative conducts jobsite progress reports on a weekly basis. The progress reports recognize both potential hazards and safe work practices. The information is then conveyed directly to the jobsite superintendent and management for immediate approval or abatement.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program

AZCO INC. believes all our sites, shops, and office employees should be drug free. We test all office employees at the time of hire and conduct random screenings throughout the year. To the extent permitted by collective bargaining agreements or required by the project owner, our field personnel are tested randomly either through a site screening or through their union. All supervisors have attended specific training for the recognition of substance abuse and referral. We conduct post-accident testing on all accidents and incidents.

Accident / Incident Investigations

The Safety Department reviews all incidents within 24 hours of the occurrence. AZCO INC. has an accident investigation team consisting of a representative from upper management, project management, safety and field supervision. This team will investigate the incident thoroughly to determine the cause and take immediate appropriate preventative measures to eliminate hazards.

Staffing For Safety

AZCO INC. has a safety department with a Director, Administrative Assistant, and Project Safety Managers and Coordinators. Many projects are staffed with Safety Managers or Coordinators who function as a resource to the project team providing assistance with orientation, training, site audits, and incident investigation.

In addition to a Safety Manager or Coordinator, every project is staffed with a Project Manager who is ultimately responsible for safety on the jobsite. Our Safety Department assists our field personnel with all safety issues to make every jobsite as safe as possible.


AZCO Rules to Live By:

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Always use proper PPE
  • Always use the right tool for the job
  • Keep a clean work area, free of safety hazards
  • Report all unsafe acts or unsafe conditions