Industrial Manufacturing

Subcategory: Foundry / Mills / Metal Casting

Southern MN Beet Sugar Cooperative – Conveyor

Client: Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative (SMBSC)

Location: Renville, Minnesota

Project: Crystalline Tanks and Conveyor Installation

Scope: AZCO’s scope of work included the installation of two (2) new 75 ft. sugar crystallizer tanks and four (4) replacement conveyor sections.

The tanks each consisted of two sections containing a shell, serpentine tubes and drive mechanism. The dimensions of each tank were 13 ft. 9 in. wide by 75 ft. tall weighing approximately 186,000 lbs. AZCO off-loaded each tank, set them on owner-provided foundations, welded the sections together and then assembled the drive mechanism.

AZCO also installed four (4) 40 ft. stainless steel dry pulp conveyor sections, modified the existing support structures, stringers and walkways.