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Subcategory: Carbon Steel Pipe Fabrication

Poultry Litter Fueled Power Plant

Client: Fibrominn Biomass / SNC Lavalin

Location: Benson, Minnesota

Project: Fabrication and installation of all BOP piping and equipment for country's first poultry litter fueled power plant

Scope: AZCO's scope included the general mechanical works package for the first poultry litter fueled power plant in the United States. AZCO fabricated and installed all associated balance of plant piping and equipment on the biomass power plant, and played a key role in the start-up and commissioning of the plant, designed to combust over 500,000 tons per year of poultry litter, in combination with other poultry biomass, to generate 55MW of electricity.

In addition, AZCO's Fabrication Division supported our field construction efforts by prefabricating the piping requirements mentioned above, including boiler feedwater and steam boiler primary and secondary air, propane gas firing, sootblower, boiler vents and drains, main steam, feedwater condensate, ash handling, flue gas, demineralized water, cooling water, compressed air and waste-water systems for the plant.