Oil & Gas

Subcategory: Refinery Maintenance

PBF SAT Gas Spring Turnaround 2017

Client: PBF Energy

Location: Torrance, California

Scope: Blinding and de-blinding (the complete SAT gas unit and each piece of equipment to be worked on) 75 fresh air blinds and 200 regular blinds (spent caustic lines, fresh caustic lines, steam lines, rich amine, lean amine, isobutane lines, propane lines) Flare and live flare blinding. Install chemical clean piping header spools, steam and chemical injection spools, install drain header and equipment tie ins. Remove, tag and send to wash pad for cleaning, inspection 8 exchanger bundles, floating heads, channels heads, channel covers, dollar plates and shell covers. Clean, prep and reinstall all components. Hydro test shell side and tube side on each exchanger. Replaced 1 full shell and exchanger bundle. Open, clean for inspection and close 6 vessels. Remove and replace rasching rings in 1 tower. Tunnel, prep for inspection and hydro blasting 5 towers. Make repairs according to inspection reports (nuts and bolts, straightening trays, replacing tray valves) Close internal and external manway doors on towers. Demo and reinstall new cooling water piping, spools and supports to equipment. Remove, send out for repair and reinstall PSV’s, check valves, control valves and gate valves.