Oil & Gas

Subcategory: Refinery Maintenance

PBF HDT Spring Turnaround – 2017

Client: PBF Energy

Location: Torrance, California

Scope: Blind/deblind unit, chemical wash/soda ash wash, change out SCR section of the Air Preheater Pull Temperature probes and reinstall as Catalyst was removed and installed on Reactors. Made repairs on trays as needed. Blind, Hydro, and install new Fin Fan and change out plugs on another. Pull tube bundles on 7 exchangers and service 18 exchanger’s total (16 Breach Block & 2 Conventional). Performed code repairs on 5 of the 18 exchangers. Pull and send out valves and regulators for service. Open, clean, and inspect Separator Tower. Pull and change out PSVs and RVs. Fab and modify drain piping on make-up compressor. Fabricate and hydro spool pieces as needed. Pull and install sealing rings on Graylock Flanges on high pressure exchangers and other equipment in the Hydrotreater Unit. On this unit AZCO performed Hydro tests on 13 exchangers with test pressures at 2260 PSI shell side and 2040PSI. on the tube side.