Oil & Gas

Subcategory: Equipment Installation & Rebuilds

PBF CO Boiler Project

Client: PBF Energy

Location: Torrance, California

Scope: Blind/Deblind, Close Guillotines for FCC bypass duct, Open/close manways, Remove/Reinstall multiple valves of all types. Remove old inlet dampers and duct work Install new dampers and fab duct work. Remove old air horns reinstall plates over holes for soot blower reinstall at a later date. Cut out welded in BFW check valve, send off site reweld and x-ray. Cut out/reweld multiple drain valves. Cut access hole in duct, fab man way and door for boiler access. Remove Steam/mud Drum Internals. Mud/steam drum Repairs Mud drum was a mess about 400 weld repairs in the ligaments between the tubes. Replace screen tubes that had excessive wear. Remove screen tubes and plug mud/steam drum.
Remove/ reinstall penthouse casing. Remove/ reinstall new scallop bars in penthouse from boiler roof to
boiler walls.