Pipe & Metal Fabrication Services

Subcategory: Scheduled Outages & Maintenance Contracts

NextEra Energy – Midwestern Nuclear Plant

Client: NextEra Energy

Location: Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Project: On-going maintenance, piping installation, and fabrication under nuclear code guidelines

Scope: AZCO has worked with NextEra Energy at the Midwestern Nuclear Plant for several years providing maintenance and outage work. The latest project included planning, removal, and reinstallation of turbine driven auxiliary feedwater pumps, suction, feedwater piping, main steam and discharge piping installation, and baseplate grouting. Work scope also included cross-tie connection feedwater piping.

AZCO's Fabrication Division assisted on the prefabrication of pipe spools per ASME - NQA (nuclear code) guidelines. In addition, AZCO has also fabricated and installed missile shields, vortex cages for intake piping, platforms, bracing and support steel.