Pipe & Metal Fabrication Services

Subcategory: New Power Plant Construction

Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility

Client: CH2M Hill LG Constructors

Location: San Jose, California

Project: Steam turbine installation and BOP Piping

Scope: AZCO performed the installation of the steam turbine and the balance of plant piping and equipment at the Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility. The steam turbine portion included the installation of a 125MW Mitsubishi steam turbine and generator and associated piping and equipment. The piping scope for the STG consisted of 400 feet of carbon and stainless lube oil and hydraulic oil piping. Lube oil flushing was also included in the scope.

The balance of plant scope consisted of the fabrication and installation of 5,200 feet of critical pipe, 25,000 feet of non-critical small bore ppe, 15,000 feet of non-critical large bore pipe and equipment installation. High pressure steam, cold reheat steam and hot reheat steam made up the critical piping systems. Boiler blowdown, boiler feedwater, aux cooling water, fuel gas, demin and circulating cooling water made up just a few of the non-critical systems.

The type of piping materials for this project included P91, P22, P11, carbon and stainless steel. Some of the equipment included boiler feedwater pumps, fuel compressors, boiler blowdown tanks, and a steam turbine drain tank.

AZCO's shop facilities fabricated the 5,200 feet of main steam, hot reheat, cold reheat critical piping, 15,000 feet of large bore non-critical piping, and 400 feet of stainless steel lube oil system piping. The shop fabrication helped to streamline AZCO's field crews as they performed the installation, minimizing the risk of quality and scheduling conflicts.