Oil & Gas

Subcategory: Gas and Steam Turbine / Generators

Lonesome Creek Station

Client: Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Location: Watford City, North Dakota

Scope: General Contractor for all phases of construction for the installation of two (2) GE LM6000 gas turbines at the natural gas-based peaking plant, Lonesome Creek Station, as part of Basin’s expansion plan to answer the demand for more power and reliable service to the Williston Basin. AZCO is self-performing all of the mechanical work and subcontracting the civil/site work/concrete and electrical to bring the plant’s total generation capacity to 270MW.

Work includes the procurement and installation of 12,000 linear feet of underground pipe, 3,300 linear feet of above ground piping as well as all valves and fittings. AZCO will also set, align and grout the GE turbines for each unit, install the emissions control modules, exhaust, stack inlet filters, and interconnecting pipe for the turbines as well as for the ammonia injection grid, and set all of the balance of plant equipment and miscellaneous platforms.