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ExxonMobil – Electrostatic Precipitator Project Phase 1

Client: ExxonMobil

Location: Torrance, California

Scope: AZCO refurbished and recommissioned the Buell ESP at the ExxonMobil Refinery in Torrance CA. The Buell ESP had been out of service for approximately 5 years. There was an explosion at the refinery that caused significant damage to the new ESP rendering it unusable for at least a year. The FCC cannot run without the ESP to control the emissions and meet the requirements for the AQMD permit.

AZCO removed and replaced 800 collecting electrodes (plates) and 2400 discharge electrodes (wires). 4 hoppers were removed from the bottom of the ESP to allow for the rigging out and in of the old and new electrodes. The collecting electrodes were brought in on end to maintain rigidity throughout the rigging process. After all fields were loaded with the new electrodes the hoppers were reinstalled.

AZCO removed the cold roof on the top of the ESP and replaced 144 rapper sleeves and rapper rods. Repairs were made to the hot roof as well. After the install of the rappers AZCO replaced the cold roof.

The Buell ESP has to run at a minimum of 95% efficiency to meet the temporary AQMD permit being awarded to ExxonMobil in order to get the FCC back in service. AZCO realigned all electrodes in every field to ensure the results were met.

Once the Buell unit was refurbished, AZCO rerouted the inlet and outlet ducts from the HRC ESP so that the Buell exhaust could be routed directly to the exhaust stack. This required the installation of a bypass duct that connected the inlet and outlet. AZCO had to install temporary bracing inside the HRC ESP to ensure that the structure could support and additional 250,000 pounds of weight due the new bypass duct. AZCO also had to remove the collecting electrodes (plates) and discharge electrodes prior to the bypass duct being set. After removal of the electrodes the bypass duct was put on hold due to AQMD permitting issues.