Power Generation

Subcategory: New Power Plant Construction

Black & Veatch – Environmental Equipment Installation

Client: Black & Veatch

Location: Healy, Alaska

Project: Construction of new 50MW power plant including installation of structural steel, piping, ductwork, architectural design management, and shop fabricated piping

Scope: In March of 2015, AZCO began mechanical and architectural construction of a new SCR on a 50MW power plant in picturesque Healy, Alaska, near Denali State Park. The project began with the erection of 900 tons of new building steel and 40 tons of internal existing building modifications and reinforcement steel. The SCR consisted of six 19'x28' modular sections, totaling 17,000 lbs., while the ductwork consisted of fifteen modules, totaling 300,000 lbs. AZCO ground assembled many of these modules into larger sections on site to be set in place by a 300 ton crane. In addition to the steel, SCR, ductwork installation, AZCO was also awarded the supply, shop fabrication, and installation of 30,000 feet of stainless steel and carbon steel interconnecting pipe along with setting of the balance of plant skids.

While the mechanical portion of this project is notable, AZCO is also subcontracting and managing the architectural portions of the new building. This entails installation and supply of 53,000 square feet of "sandwich" building siding and roofing (install only), HVAC ductwork and equipment, fireproofing, slab-on-deck concrete floor, manual doors, overhead doors, metal stud/drywall walls for the stair tower and electrical room, painting, and temporary electric heaters and lighting.

Steel erection for this project began in April 2015 and the building enclosure and ductwork are going to be completed in early October 2015. Piping will continue until completion in December 2015. Startup, removal/installation of a new 3,000 horsepower ID fan, and installation of the SCR Catalyst will happen in 2016 with final completion in December 2016.