Power Generation

Subcategory: New Power Plant Construction

Black Hills Energy – Mechanical Installation

Client: Black Hills Energy

Location: Pueblo, Colorado

Project: Installation of 2 LMS100 CTGs, 4 LM6000 CTGs, 4 HRSGs, 2 SST-400 STGs, BOP Equipment and BOP Piping

Scope: AZCO was contracted to supply labor, supervision and tools to perform the complete mechanical installation of (2) GE LMS100 CTGs, (4) GE LM6000 CTGs, (4) Nooter Eriksen HRSGs, (2) Siemens SST-400 STGs, balance of plant equipment and balance of plant piping.

The balance of plant equipment included, but wasn't limited to, the rigging, grouting, assembly, and alignment of pumps, pre-fabricated tanks, inlet chillers, transformers, aux power enclosures, power control modules, water treatment equipment, and compressed air equipment. The balance of plant piping consisted of the shop fabrication and installation of 20,000 feet of large bore and the installation of 20,000 feet of small bore piping.