Industrial Manufacturing

Subcategory: Foundry / Mills / Metal Casting

Basin Electric – Leland Olds Station

Client: Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Location: Stanton, North Dakota

Project: Submerged Flight Conveyor

Scope: AZCO provided installation and assembly of the Submerged Flight Conveyor (SFC) and Clarifier Thickener Tank for the
Ash De-Watering Project.

The conveyor, designed by United Conveyor, is comprised of the diverter gate, head section, (2) ramp sections, bent section, (2) horizontal sections, and the tail section. Once each section was leveled and alignment was achieved, the hopper support structure was installed. Hopper panel setting and weld out followed from the top of conveyor up over 15’ above the conveyor. Within the hopper, (6) Lamella Cartridges and (2) Centerwells were set and welded in place. The exterior of the SFC also received (2) Overflow Tanks, a Chain Tensioner, and installation of stairs and platforms to access the top of the hopper.

To complete the SFC, AZCO set, coupled, and aligned the conveyor drive assembly. In addition to the SFC, AZCO erected and sealed an 18’ diameter WesTech Clarifier Thickener Tank. The provided panels were bolted-up, torqued, and sealed with caulking. Internals of the tank consisted of the installation and alignment of scrapers, shaft, and the drive unit. A spiral staircase and platform allowed for access to the drive unit. Lastly, AZCO completed successful hydrostatic tests for the SFC and Clarifier Thickener Tank.