Environmental Compliance


Associated Electric Cooperative Inc. – New Madrid Power Plant

Client: Associated Electric Power

Location: New Madrid, Missouri

Project: Overfire Air System Installation

Scope: AZCO was awarded the installation of the Overfire Air (OFA) Systems on Units 1 and 2 of the New Madrid Power Plant.

The coal-based electric generating units were originally constructed in 1972 and 1977. By installing the new OFA systems, AECI continues to improve the efficiency and environmental performance of each 600MW unit.

AZCO’s responsibilities included the demolition of water wall tubes, all temporary boiler and windbox insulation, portions of the windbox roof casing, two existing waterlances and their platforms and miscellaneous handrails.

After demolition, AZCO installed the OFA port assembly, furnished and installed all required OFA ductwork and support steel, grating, replacement handrails, stainless steel tubing, flexible hoses, valves and fittings to complete the installation of the airflow elements.