Oil & Gas

Subcategory: Refinery Maintenance

Flint Hills Resources – CHP Project

Client: AMEC / Foster Wheeler

Location: Rosemount, Minnesota

Project: Combined Heat and Power Project

Scope: Starting in August 2017, AZCO began construction of a Combined Heat and Power Project located in the Flint Hills Resources refinery in Rosemount, MN.

The scope of this work includes the installation of the center line and balance of plant equipment and pipe. Construction began with the installation of one (1) Deltak Hamon single pressure Heat Recovery Steam Generator and was followed by the installation of one (1) GE LM 6000 Combustion Turbine, one (1) Elliot Model SQNV8 Steam Turbine, and one (1) two cell SPX Multi-Delta Air Cooled Condenser shortly after.

In addition to the major pieces of equipment listed above, AZCO was contracted to fabricate and install 12,500 of aboveground balance of plant interconnecting piping and associated balance of plant of equipment.

Construction of this facility is scheduled to be complete in Spring of 2018.