AZCO’s fabrication division encompasses multiple welding shops with a total of 90,000 square feet of controlled, segregated, production-oriented floor space. Utilizing union craft labor, AZCO is certified and experienced to handle complex specifications and requirements for the fabrication of carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly, and exotic alloys. AZCO can also provide in-house heat treatment services with a maximum range of 1,450 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum load capacity of 20 Tons.

Our fabrication facilities produce pipe spools, headers, manifolds, and skid-mounted piping and equipment modules that are utilized in a diverse range of industries, including power generation, refineries, water treatment, renewable fuels, and manufacturing facilities.

AZCO also provides custom metal fabrication to support both internal field construction projects and outside customer requirements. In addition to hoppers, tanks, silos, and pressure vessels, we fabricate pipe supports, racks, saddles, platforms, walkways, trays, troughs, chutes, crane booms, and a wide variety of miscellaneous welded steel assemblies.

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