Precipitator Retrofit / Dust Collection Systems / Low NOx / SCRs / Over-Fire Air

In response to increasing awareness of the environmental impact of emissions by the nation’s power generators, AZCO provides environmental compliance equipment installation. Our experience includes SNCRs, SCRs, dry and wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, low nox burners, and over-fire air systems allowing clients to improve our air quality and remain compliant with environmental ordinances.

AZCO provides the full range of general construction, mechanical installation, and maintenance services an environmental project requires:

  • Environmental compliance equipment installation
  • Structural steel and ductwork erection
  • NOx Out, SNCR, and RRI System installations
  • Precipitator retrofit project including removal of existing hot roof, cold roof, precipitator collector and electrostatic wires and bottles
  • Installation of liner plates, new collector plates, new rigid frame electrodes, hot roof, cold roof, insulation, lagging and electrical
  • Equipment installation such as girts and siding, dry scrubber, silos, duct support, and associated auxiliary equipment
  • Fabrication of carbon and stainless steel piping, ductwork

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