The best people creating a sustainable culture of respect and integrity to deliver safe, efficient, and innovative solutions that provide maximum value for our customers.

AZCO INC. is an employee-owned, full service industrial constructor and fabricator, capable of self-performing a wide range of general construction and mechanical services. Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, with offices in Colorado, AZCO performs its work throughout the United States serving the power generation, refinery and petrochemical, food and beverage, solar and wind farms, battery storage, general manufacturing, and pulp and paper industries.

As a full-service industrial constructor, AZCO INC. provides a wide range of general construction and mechanical services such as new power plant construction, turbine setting and maintenance, boiler installation and repair, power and process piping installation and fabrication, structural steel installation, electrical and instrumentation, carbon, stainless and chrome-moly pipe fabrication, environmental compliance work, equipment setting and rigging and foundry construction and maintenance.

Our skilled union craftsmen including boilermakers, ironworkers, pipefitters, millwrights, sheet metal workers, operating engineers, electricians, and laborers have the time, training, tools and equipment necessary to perform a complete range of integrated construction services. We support your project and these trades with strong estimating, scheduling and cost monitoring systems. Our specialists and quality assurance teams stay on the leading edge of technology, continually improving processes on the project site and in our fabrication facilities.

AZCO is committed to achieving safety excellence by utilizing our continued investment in people and resources, while encouraging employees to be proactive in finding safe work solutions and increasing awareness of our Zero Injury Policy.

The Zero Injury Program is behavioral based starting at the executive management level with the value that “no injury is acceptable.” AZCO places considerable emphasis on key zero injury techniques developed by the Construction Industry Institute. These techniques include a heavy emphasis on employee orientation to the zero injury culture, site specific pre-job safety analysis and daily pre-task planning.

Core Values


We believe safety is the right of every employee.  The prevention of unsafe behaviors is essential to the success of our business.  Zero injuries will be achieved through caring leadership, accountability and safe work practices.


Our actions are driven by a fundamental belief that it is always best to do the right thing.  Integrity is the foundation of all of our decisions and actions and promotes honesty throughout our organization and with our customers.


We earn respect and trust by treating others as we expect to be treated. We know that open and transparent communication is essential to a healthy organization and effective business performance.


We form a partnership with our customers to provide them with custom solutions to exceed expectations.  Successful customers provide us with sustainable growth.


We collaborate to develop new and innovative solutions that add value to our customers and improve our business.  We are willing to take calculated risks in the pursuit of those unique methods and solutions.

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