AZCO working on The Big Island of Hawaii

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AZCO is currently working on the Big Island of Hawaii – click the link for a great article regarding the project!

The Boilermakers’ scope of work consists of rebuilding the boiler and related steam components and systems, including a new bag house, precipitator, selective catalytic reduction unit, tanks and structural steel and ductwork associated with the pressure vessels and emissions process.

Despite volcanic eruption, earthquakes and a missile scare, Boilermakers there (about 130 at peak) drive on. They’ve adapted to safety briefings that include disaster evacuation routes (and the avoidance of poisonous centipedes and aggressive, hand-size cane spiders).

And in a climate that produces over 120 inches of precipitation a year, working in the rain is just part of the program.

Says Paul Vogels, AZCO Site Manager: “The Boilermakers come out here and do something they have been trained through apprenticeship to do — and they do it safely, with high quality and in the time we’re looking for.”

Read on to learn more about the distinctive aspects of the project, diverse mix of backgrounds, and how they mesh well to face the project challenges.

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