AZCO Achieves One Million Man Hours Without a Recordable

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AZCO is excited to announce the achievement of a significant safety milestone, one million hours worked with no recordable incidents as of June 23, 2017. A recordable injury is an injury that results in any of the following: death, days away from work, restricted work or transferred to another job, medical treatment beyond first aid, or a loss of consciousness.

This safety milestone is a direct result of AZCO employees’ ongoing commitment to safety awareness and practices, and places AZCO in an elite group of contractors.  Less than 45 organizations have accomplished this achievement in the country in the past 28 years, according to the Zero Injury Institute.

”I would like to personally thank each of our employees for their commitment to safety that has resulted in over a million work hours without a recordable injury and over 3.7 million hours without a lost time injury,” says Jason Konrad, AZCO Safety Director. “AZCO believes that our vision of a “zero-injury” culture offers our employees, sub-contractors, and clients, an opportunity to prevent an incident from occurring thus preventing injuries to our most valuable asset, our people, and while we haven’t met our ultimate target of Zero, we will continue to strive and push even harder to reach our goal.”

“On behalf of the Board and Executive Management, I would like to take this opportunity, to congratulate all AZCO employees on these latest safety accomplishments. Behind these achievements stands a solid culture of safety with dedicated efforts that extend to all levels of the company, ultimately ensuring the safe completion of projects and the return of each of our employees to their families every night,” says John Trottier, President and CEO of AZCO.

To encourage that Safety is top-most in every employee’s mind, the company holds a contest every month, and every quarter, where safety slogans are submitted to the Safety Committee, reviewed every month, and winners are featured at the corporate office, at every jobsite, and in every fabrication shop.

Additionally, AZCO hosts in-house training for all supervisors within the organization. The “AZCO SAFETY ACADEMY” is a three-day course for all supervisors that ensures all levels of management, from the CEO to the front-line supervisor, fully understand our policies and procedures and how to effectively train, implement, monitor, and correct our field employees in safety situations.

The very first Core Value of AZCO’s organizational culture is Safety and the commitment to the health and safety of employees. AZCO has a corporate goal to achieve zero recordable injuries each year. With three offices in the United States, over 180 corporate employees, and over 750 field tradespersons, it is essential to have fully funded initiatives and programs to ensure proper training and company-wide education.

Safety programs offered include new hire safety training and orientation, shared incident reports and near misses to raise safety awareness, and weekly safety tips that provide corporate-wide meeting topics. AZCO provides leadership training with nationally known guest speakers, OSHA training for field supervisors, and additional project-specific safety training for each project site.

“We, as an organization, set a goal of Zero Injuries sixteen years ago.  It has been a long road but the reward of sending every employee home to their loved ones safely is worth the journey.” said Konrad.

The company is into the sixteenth year of its safety process that originated with the Construction Industry Institute, a national consortium of owners, construction firms and engineering firms.

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