Meet Jessa Muller, Future Luge Olympian

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The AZCO family was thrilled to find out our IT Director’s niece, Jessa Muller, was recently named to the USA Luge Junior Developmental Team! We are proud to help sponsor Jessa on her journey towards Olympic greatness and would like to invite you to do the same.

Meet Jessa


Hi!  My name is Jessa Muller.  I am 13 years old and I live in Wisconsin. I was recently named to the USA Luge Junior Developmental Team.

 My goal is to rise through the levels of the USA Luge team in hopes of representing the United States at future Olympic and World Cup competitions.

 How did I get into the sport?  In the summer of 2016, I participated in a USA Luge slider search. Approximately 800 kids throughout the United Stated participated in the slider search and I was one of the few selected to attend a screening camp in Lake Placid.  I was then informed I was one of five girls named to the Lake Placid developmental team this year.

 Once I went down the track in Lake Placid, I knew this sport was for me.  I grew up riding on snowmobiles in the winter and racing go-karts in the summer and I’ve always liked to go fast.

 At this level costs will be around $10,000 per season which includes coaching, food/lodging, transportation, equipment, tutoring and race entry fees.  Neither the United States Luge Association nor the United States Olympic Committee provide direct financial support for candidate team athletes, so all athletes are self-funded.  Any unused funds will be used for future seasons or donated to USA Luge to support the organization and other athletes.

Jessa with the USA Luge team at Oshkosh Corporation on June 15th, 2017

 I will be training in Lake Placid for approximately 7 weeks over 6 trips.  I will also be competing in the Empire State Winter Games and the Youth Nationals.  When away from Lake Placid, I will continue with strength training and participating in various sports at home.

 Any donation you can make to help me reach my goal would be greatly appreciated.

 Thank you for your support. Our family truly appreciates your generosity and support through this wonderful opportunity.

Visit AZCO’s Facebook page for information on donating to Jessa’s GoFundMe.

For more information on the sport of luge, go to USA Luge @


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