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AZCO reached another milestone by achieving three (3) million man hours without a Lost Time Incident and has not experienced a Lost Time Incident in a year and a half.

The heavy industrial constructor and fabricator is responsible for the safety of 181 managerial, office, administrative, and support employees as well as 750 – 800 construction tradespersons in the field and in its fabrication shops every day.

Jason Konrad, AZCO’s Safety Director, states “I believe that AZCO’s commitment to the safety of our employees has been the backbone to our continued success. We have taken a look internally to ensure we are honest with ourselves and understand where we can continue to improve upon our process and procedures along with our leadership training.”

Konrad adds, “The investment of the time to develop our management, and commitment to our ever-developing process, have not only shown success to date, but allows for sustainable progress to our Zero Injury Goal.”

“We have a zero tolerance policy for at-risk behaviors and encourage our employees to be proactive in finding safe work solutions. AZCO holds all of our employees to our Core Values and the first of those values is the Safety of all employees,” said John Trottier, company President/CEO. “We have set a standard for AZCO and the goal remains each day to send each employee home safely.”

To encourage that Safety is top-most in every employee’s mind, the company holds a contest every month, and every quarter, where safety slogans are submitted to the Safety Committee, reviewed every month, and winners are featured at the corporate office, at every jobsite, and in every fabrication shop.

The company is into the sixteenth year of its safety process that originated with the Construction Industry Institute, a national consortium of owners, construction firms and engineering firms.

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